About the association

Welcome to the Swedish Charolais Association

The Swedish Charolais Association has the task to spread information about the beef breed Charolais. The society strives for the breed’s development in a qualitative respect and its spread within the country, and to look after the interests of the breeders.
The Organization
The Swedish Society of Charolais performs its activity in association with the Nordic Breed Society for beef breeds (NAB).
The Committee works actively with the Society’s matters. The members do also take an active interest in various trade organizations and workgroups, for instant Swedish Beef Breed test, NAB, Swedish Milk, Swedish Breeding and Swedish Meats.
The Marketing group works with information material, advertisements, exhibitions, and is responsible for all publications.
The Breeding Council works actively with the following items;

• Performance testing
• AI-breeding program
• Semen import
• Breeding goals
• Exhibitions
• Information during the meetings

The three local clubs (south, west and east) are subordinate to the Swedish Society of Charolais and work as a natural link between the members and the committee. The clubs organize yearly local meetings, journeys and spring exhibitions.
If you wish to contact us or to become a member, please contact one of our board members.