Breed improvement committee

Name:   Lennart Nilsson, Skintaby Storegård 280, 310 40 HARPLINGE
Telephone/fax:  +46 (0)35-50352, +46 (0)35-57352
Mobile:   +46 (0)70-6550352

Info:   I married into the Charolais world through my wife, Ingela who is born at Askome Charolais. We have two daughters, both of who share my wifes intrerest for horses, which is why the farm we live on in Harplinge in the south west coast on looks more like a horse place. The cattle and the greater part of crop growing and arable land as well as contracting is at my brother in laws farm at Askome, about a 35 minuit drive away. I run the farm together with my two brother in laws, Per-Olof and Fredrik Persson. My greatest input into our farm company is in marketing our breeding stock, the breed in it's self and even making sure our beef meets the expectations of the consumer.

Committee member
   Per Mårtensson, Björkhaga, Simontorp, 270 35 BLENTARP
Telephone/fax:   +46 (0)416-24286, +46 (0)416-24286
Mobile:   +46 (0)70-6823485

Info:  Born in 1959 I was born the same year that the Charolais breed first came to Sweden.
I have been a member of the breed improvement committee since 1987. Being able to influence the development of the breed through performance testing, breed evalutation and the use of AI sires makes my work still feel very fullfilling. I have been the managing director of the performance testing station and am active as an advisor for NAB (The beef breed association) in questions regarding the official controle program and breed evaluation system. I worked earlier for 10 years at the performance testing station in Hörby and after that 11 years at Örkelljunga Charolais. Since the autumn of 1997 I run my own herd, Simontorp in the very far south of Sweden, with aprox 125 mother cows.

Committee member
   Fredrik Persson, Askome, 310 58 VESSIGEBRO
Telephone/fax:   +46 (0)346-25239
Mobile:   +46 (0)70-5756764

Info:   I am a long, blond, nice guy in the prime of life from the province of Halland. I am very interested in breeding and have been a member of this committee since 2002. I am responsible for importing semen and arrange the prizes for our breed at shows. I am even on the board of directors at our local Charolais club and beef club. I spend most of my time taking care of our aprox 60 mother cows and other farm work including contracting. I like to travell, especially to look at cattle in different parts of the world. I also have a great interest in farm machinery.

Committee member and contact person for the performance testing station
Name:   Anna Ingvar Nilsson, Backgården Vilske Kleva, 521 91  Falköping
Telephone/fax:   +46 (0)515-725075, +46 (0)515-725051
Mobile:   +46 (0)768-278234

Info:    I was born, grew up and educated in farming, in Poland. I came to Sweden at 24 years of age and ended up close to the university of agriculture at Alnarp in the very south of Sweden and worked there for a few years. My interest for breeding was awoken by my interest for horses and how the right mating and use of semen lay the ground for modern horse breeding. Together with my husband, Nils Johan, I own and run Backgården, about 1½ hours north east of Gothenburg. The farm consists of aprox 115 ha land, of which aprox 30 ha forest, 45 ha arable and 40 ha natural grazing. Breeding Charolais has been my greatest intrest for the best part of 20 years. I am also in charge of the economy of two wind turbine companies of which my husband is part owneer. We have two grown up children, Caroline and Jakob.

Committee member ad contact person for the performance testing station
Name:   Sven-Olof Hägg, Sonarps Gård, 241 92 ESLÖV
Telephone/fax:   +46 (0)413-541005
Mobile:   +46 (0)70-5410058

Info:   I was born in 1973, two years after the first Charolais came to our farm. Charolais summer meetings were a well needed holiday for me during the summer holidays. Upon return to school, my friends were green of envy when I told them all the fun stories about my summer. My hopes are that the festive atmosphere within the association can continue, so that even my children, Ragnar and Signe can be populare in school!
My wife Helena and I took over my parents farm in 1997 and we run a herd of 100 mother cows. 

Committee member
Name:   Sofia Persson, Fall, 61010 Ljusfallshammar
Telephone/fax:   +46 (0)122-40043
Mobil:   +46 (0)702050661