Benefits as a member

As a member you get many benefits, here are some of the most important ones:
A Members Magazine published twice a year. Here you can find interesting reports, advertisements from all active breeders and more..

  • Members information thru “Charolaisaktuellt” and other news.
  • Registration in the herd book, appendix A.
  • You get the opportunity to test each individual at Gismestad to the right price. Service around preparation, selection, follow up and judgement about Performance station tested bulls.
  • You get your name in the member book together with more than 400 equally minded representatives with more than 7000 herd Sires.
  • You can be on the society’s webpage with advertisments for herds and a link to you own homepage and thru that get good PR for your herd. You can also put your animals on sale on the Market, ”salutorget”.
  • You get the opportunity to take part in all the above in an active breed society.